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G-d loves it when we connect our faith with our feet, hands, and servant hearts. “Come, bless the L-rd, all you servants of the L-rd, who stand by night in the house of the L-rd. Lift up your hands to the holy place and bless the L-rd. May the L-rd bless you from Zion, he who made heaven and earth” (Psalm 134:1-3).

Both the Almighty and the synagogue receive blessings through service here at Beth Hallel. Service is a way to love our neighbor as ourselves (Lev. 19:18). All members, and many regular visitors, serve at Beth Hallel.

Congregation Beth Hallel Birmingham Service Areas

How do you share your personality, gifts, and passion? Please make note of up to three areas that might be a ‘match’ for you. We can’t wait to see what He is doing in your life, manifested as you share your personality, gifts, and passion.

Do you love to prepare a casserole for a sick friend? Are you willing to make hospital or home visits? Can you assess just what is needed when someone is in a tough season (from grass mowing to running an errand)? This team is for you.

Our children’s ministry team speaks and shows the Word to our children. We welcome helpers with every kind of gifting, from artistic to theatrical, teaching to tidying up, rocking babies to supervising the playground, singing songs to humming lullabies, teaching Hebrew letters to distributing crayons. All members of this team receive a background check.

Courtyard Books
and Gifts:
Those blessed with the gifts of hospitality and giving are well suited to helping in our Courtyard Gift and Book shop. This delightful gathering spot off the central courtyard is a beacon for visitors looking for Judaica, tallits, kippa, reading materials and general information. As well, all of our teaching CDs and handouts are stocked here. Help others find the special gift or resource that transforms lives.

CMO (Community Ministry Opportunities) We maintain a presence in various Birmingham outreaches including Wellhouse Ministries, the Jimmie Hale Mission, and Dawson Baptist Church Kidz Connection. We will connect you with community based organizations; there, you will become Beth Hallel representatives, growing our connection with the Body

Creative Team:
Calling all actors, set builders, writers, artists, graphic designers, seamstresses and tailors, makeup artists, and behind-the-scenes costumes and props organizers. We have fabulous theatrical offerings several times each year.

Yes, you can dance for the L-rd. If you long to worship with your entire body, come for training and encouragement, then join in. You may be part of the special dance offerings for events and moadim.

DOZ/SOZ (Daughter or Son of Zion):
Each Shabbat, a female member offers the blessing over the candles, and a male member blesses the bread and wine. We will help you with the Hebrew pronunciation so that you come before the L-rd and the Congregation with a ready heart and lips.

Starting with our amazing Community Seder service each year, through Shavout/Pentacost, and the Fall Feasts, and including Purim, Hanukkah, conference and seminar events, many opportunities exist for creative and energetic folks to pitch-in, making these times a delight to the L-rd and to all who join us. If you can commit a specific block of time, a few times a year, to preparation, advertising, set up, take down, processing, food considerations, or advertising, join this Team.

This team serves diligently behind the scenes to maintain a spirit and appearance of excellence in every area of the Congregation. All types of skill sets are valued; from plumbing to electrical, from carpentry to window cleaning.

First Responders:
This unit of health care providers serves to triage basic medical needs in event of an accident or emergency at Congregation. They are also “on the scene” prayer warriors. Doctors, nurses, firefighters and police officers are called.

Are you gifted for raising money that serves the Kingdom? Are you a giver? Lend your expertise or resources to help Beth Hallel spread the good news. Encourage others to move beyond the tithe and into new levels of support and strategic giving.

Green Thumbs:
Keep what is growing green! Keep our plants flowering and fresh as stewards of His garden. Four seasons of planting, snipping, and pruning. What fun!

Become the face of Beth Hallel, assuring that every visitor knows that he or she is Home, in G-d’s House. If you love people and share the Light with words of encouragement and a joyful attitude, this is for you.

Joseph’s Storehouse:
We are blessed to have a supply of dry goods and food that we make available to both members and visitors in times of drought. This storehouse team receives and sorts goods, and helps distribute in accord with needs; all giving is done with prayer and blessing over the recipient.

Calling cooks, servers, and shelf restockers! We love to eat with our congregational family, and that means lots of opportunities for servants who understand that G-d often nourishes souls with food...and coffee. Many avenues are open to you: set up or take down; cook, clean, or serve; keep our kitchen spotless and welcoming; serve the coffee bar.

Office helps:
Hands on deck! Join the team that stuffs envelopes, makes copies, enters data, keeps information areas stocked and tidy, and functions as an extension of the Beth Hallel administrative staff.

Praise and Worship:
Musicians and songbirds, bring it on! We are expanding our team and hearing from the L-rd about the unique and developing sounds of Messianic praise and worship. Your passion transforms services and lives. The L-rd is taking us to new heights and new music in services and special events.

Our intercessors and prayer warriors cover Beth Hallel in prayer, going before the L-rd on behalf of Eretz Israel, Rabbi and Rebbitzen, staff, and membership, as well as national and international matters. We pray before and during services, as well as during the week.

How nice it is to be welcomed in from Sumpter Street by someone with a bright vest, flashlight, and a smile. Be part of a growing team that keeps our parking lot running smoothly and initiates the welcoming contact for every person entering our doors. You are also eyes and ears on the perimeter to G-d’s House of Praise.

Readers of the Word:
The Word of G-d goes forth from Beth Hallel each weekday from 9-10 a.m. Readers gather in the Sanctuary to read aloud: ½ hour of Tanakh and ½ hour of the New Covenant. The entire Bible is read several times a year.

Sanctuary Servants:
After each Shabbat service, a team tidies up the pews, restocks materials, and readies the Sanctuary for the next gathering. Calling all who like to prepare a space to praise and worship the L-rd.

Serving Communion:
Would you like to serve at the L-rd's table? Then this is an opportunity for you! During the last Shabbat service of the month you will help serve the communion elements to the congregation during the L-rd's Supper.

This team opens services with the blast of the shofar; participates in pre-service shofar prayer walks around our campus and in our community; and keeps our spiritual atmosphere clear with one of G-d’s designated instruments.

Small Group Leaders:
Small groups are one of the tools G-d is using to equip each of us for the growth of the kingdom. Each small group builds community and reaches out to connect to the culture. Small group leaders are committed to helping each person grow in their relationship with G-d and with each other.

Technical Production:
If you love electronics and awesome presentations, bring your creativity and tech savvy to this team. Plug into the sound board and video equipment, graphic design, powerpoints, videoing and video editing, livestreaming, equipment repair, and instrument tuning.

These men bless the congregation before and during services by their presence at the sanctuary doors, directing visitors to seats and explaining the Siddur, gathering offerings, opening the Ark, walking the Torah, reading aloud during services, and watching prayerfully over each gathering while maintaining a distraction- free environment.

Thanks so much for joining us! We look forward to connecting you quickly to service area(s) where your personality, gifts and passion will bear fruit for the Kingdom.

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Service Areas

Download this form and check off up to three areas that might be a ‘match’ for you. You can print and return this form to the Beth Hallel office, or just email a completed copy to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You will be contacted by a servant-leader. A check mark does not commit you to the ministry—only to prayerful consideration and more information regarding the area.

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