Meet the Staff

Jeff & Sherri Friedlander

Jeff and Sherri Friedlander have been members of Beth Hallel since August of 2011.

In that time Jeff has set under leadership training specifically for over three years. Jeff has served in the role of Service Leader, Cantor, Worship Leader, Singles Director and Assistant to Rabbi David as well as serving as one of our teachers. Sherri has served as a leader in the Women’s Ministry, Intercessory Prayer Team, and has been the Director of the Children’s Ministry for three years.

Jeff and Sherri have been married for 25 years and have four children. Jeff and Sherri both graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Georgia. They then graduated from a ministry training program, “The Masters Commission” in which they both received biblical course training from Berean Bible College, and were required to memorize 450 scriptures, in addition to participating in hands on ministry.

They have owned several business over the last 20 years and also worked in management of several large corporations.

In March of 2014, Jeff and Sherri sat with us (Rabbi and Rebbetzin) and discussed the calling they felt was from G-d to work here at Beth Hallel in full time ministry, and be trained to become a Rabbi. We agreed with the calling and began the process. Jeff and Sherri had extensive experience in the ministry of teaching, preaching, training, counseling and planning. They had already spent several years in leadership here at Beth Hallel, so the fit was natural.

Jeff had already begun taking courses from the IAMCS in order to fulfill requirements set forth by them to receive rabbinical ordination. He has been licensed as a Messianic Teacher. Jeff received his ordination as Messianic Jewish Assistant Rabbi from Beth Hallel Birmingham on October 16, 2015.

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